Allen Company Smith and Wesson Lite Force Tactical Pack Review
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Designed for the toughest and roughest of users in mind, Smith and Wesson’s Lite Force Tactical Pack has a huge range of features and additions that have been tested and guaranteed to provide the best durability and functionality one can buy. If you are seeking a tactical pack that will carry anything you need for a camping, a trip, a hike, law enforcement related work, shooting range related usage, or anything else you can think of that you can utilize this pack for, Allen Company has ensured that you can do it.

Allen Company Smith and Wesson Lite Force Tactical Pack Review

Smith and Wesson Lite Force Tactical Pack by Allen Company ($48.81-58.99)

This incredible Smith and Wesson Tactical Pack by Allen Company is extremely affordable and is durable, rough, can be put through the toughest conditions, and is the perfect alternative to any backpack out there, for nearly the same exact price. When having to decide, I did not hesitate to choose this tactical pack over all other backpacks available. The high quality and popularity of this pack only backs up my own personal satisfaction with this excellent tactical backpack.

Allen Company co-developed this new pack for their Smith and Wesson product line, in order to meet the needs of serious law enforcement personnel, those who love to shoot, and those who want a pack that is concealed carry functional, able to carry laptops, able to carry shooting bags and gun cases, as well as other gear.

The outstanding fabric on this pack is 1200D Endure fabric, used by Allen Company to provide the best fabric for this tactical pack. This is a 25% specification increase from the fabric used for shooting bags and gun cases in the past. As the future of law enforcement gear, shooting gear, weapons, and other accessories are developed, Allen Company continues to work with Smith and Wesson developers and most importantly, serious users of their packs, such as police departments, to ensure that these packs and products are meeting the needs and expectations of hard core users.


I can tell you personally, this Smith and Wesson pack has not only met my expectations, but has exceeded them. That makes this 2 pound pack a lightweight, durable, and trustworthy purchase that I can trust my equipment with.

This Smith and Wesson Lite Force Tactical Pack has a deep black Endure fabric to provide the professionalism and look needed for users. Most importantly to me, it is designed as Concealed and Carry Capable. Note that since everyone has their own preferred holster, this pack made it easy for me by providing Velcro attachment points inside of a couple of the compartments, where you can attach your own Velcro backed holster and weapon. This makes this pack perfect for anyone with any type of hand held weapon.

This pack is perfect for women as well. Women who have Velcro holsters in their purses can simply pull it out and stick it in the sling pack for transport. This makes it perfect to transport your weapon while utilizing the features of this pack for carrying other work related gear such as laptops, shooting gear, and other law enforcement related gear.

This Smith and Wesson tactical pack by Allen Company is 18.6 inches by 14.1 inches by 2.2 inches and weighs only 2 pounds. It has been quality tested for maximum durability and has been designed for the needs of law enforcement, serious shooters, and those who need a tactical pack for their work related gear.


This pack is not only about what it can carry, however. The comfort and the performance of this pack go hand in hand. What I liked most about this tactical pack was the padded and adjustable shoulder strap and carry handle that allows for a comfortable carry while remaining an easily grabbed and storable bag. It also features a large water bottle pocket and is actually hydration pouch compatible.

For those who are going to use this pack for in the field will love these features and find that they are convenient and a life saver. The main compartment can fit a laptop computer up to a 15” diagonal. The large MOLLE loops and the zippered glasses pocket are additional convenient features in this 1000 cubic inch capacity tactical pack by Allen Company and Smith and Wesson.

This is a choice pick for anyone seeking a tactical pack for work and/or transport purposes for their gear, firearms, laptops, and other necessary items. At such a great price, you will not regret this excellent buy.