ALPS Mountaineering hit a home run with their OutdoorZ Commander Freighter Frame. Serious hunters know the importance of having the perfect frame for their hunting and hauling usage. The wrong one can bend or break under the weight or handling of the frame and pack, which can leave you in the middle of the woods with fresh meat and no way haul it back to your truck a few miles away. No hunter wants that nightmare. Luckily, this can be avoided with this Freighter Frame by ALPS.

OutdoorZ Commander Freighter Frame by ALPS ($75.00-$138.00)

This Freighter Frame by ALPS is highly rated by not only myself but hunters everywhere. The frame itself is made of lightweight but strong aluminum. Weighing in at only 5 pounds and 2 ounces, this frame is ready for heavy duty hauling without the additional weight put onto you as the hunter. The torso range on the frame is 17 to 23 inches, which is perfect for most hunters.

What I like most about this frame is the unique lashing system that secures the meat for long hauls. There are three of these lashing straps that have webbing strap extenders. The frame shelf supports very heavy loads, whether you are carrying Elk or Deer meat back—the OutdoorZ Commander Freighter lives up to its big name.

Another favorite feature of mine is one of the most important after hunting, gutting, and having to pack and haul the prize back to the truck: the shoulder harness. The harness is adjustable and has a padded waist belt and shoulder straps, which is a life saver and back saver when hauling. The feel of the pack is amazing and the shoulder harness and straps makes the haul feel lighter and more balanced, making the hike back more pleasurable.

The Mesh back band also allows for better ventilation than previous models and most other brands provide. It never feels hotter out than after a hunt and you’re hauling a hundred pounds of meat for a few miles. But with the mesh back bad, I found that the ventilation really did work and my back stayed cooler and I did not feel like I was carrying a furnace.

The OutdoorZ Commander Freighter Frame has a Shooting Stix holder, Flashlight pocket, Knife pocket, and Clevis Pin attachment, among other useful features.

The Commander comes equipped with everything a hunter and hauler needs to secure the hunted meat, strap it down to an even balance, and haul everything back to camp or the truck in comfort. The padded waist belt and shoulder straps are a must and cannot be overstated. With as much weight as you will be carrying, this frame truly is built as a freighter, and a padded waist belt will save your body some serious aches and pains later on, and the shoulder straps will save your back and arms the next day.

If you need a Freighter Frame that will not let you down, then take it from me: the ALPS OutdoorZ Commander Freighter Frame is the perfect frame for hauling game and will not let you down after your successful hunt. You will be completely satisfied and even surprised, at how well this lightweight aluminum frame supports your hunting contents and meat during your hike back after the hunt. This is a purchase no serious hunter and hauler can do without, and it is one that like myself, you will not regret buying for even a second.