ALPS OutdoorZ Dark Timber Day Pack Realtree Xtra HD Review
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When looking for comfort and durability during your outdoor trips and hunts, the ALPS OutdoorZ Timber Day Pack is a must. There is plenty of room to bring along all of the essentials you will need, and then some. The ALPS OutdoorZ Day Pack Realtree Xtra HD is hydration compatible and has lashing straps to tie down even more gear than is being hauled in the main compartment. It is extremely popular among hunters and day trip hikers, because it has everything one needs and then some—it has many features that are versatile and convenient for any hunter.

ALPS OutdoorZ Dark Timber Day Pack Realtree Xtra HD ($79.99)

The Xtra HD quality of the fabric material on this day pack is incredible. Personally, it is one of the best I have seen. It blends in to any wooded environment so incredibly well, you could lose it if you’re not careful! ALPS put their money where their mouth was on the quality fabric of this pack.

In my opinion, the Dark Timber Day Pack is not only extremely affordable at only $79.99, but is superior in construction for hunting usage. This pack is also one of the lightest day packs I have seen out there, at an amazing 2 pounds and 1 ounce.

There are 3 separate pockets that allow you to keep your hunting and camping gear organized, and there are also water bottle pockets on each side of the pack for convenience. There is more than enough room in this roomy day pack to bring along the essentials for your day trip, and then some.

ALPS OutdoorZ Dark Timber Day Pack Overview

The Dark Timber pack has a large front accessory and a main pocket with a roomy capacity of 2285 cubic inches (37 L). It also contains a lower storage pocket; lower side mesh pockets; a Hydration Pocket and Port, which allows for supreme convenience; side compression straps; a adjustable sternum strap; a padded waist belt; padded shoulder straps; and back tacked webbing, which offers multiple attachment points to the exterior of the pack.

Out of all of these features, my personal favorites that have made hiking and hunting the easiest are the adjustable sternum strap, the hydration pocket and port, the side compression strap, and the padded waist belt and shoulder straps. That probably seems like a lot: probably because it is. I love everything about this hunting pack, but the comfort and sheer usability of it is so important and superior in this pack than in other brands.

While the main storage compartment is important of course, it is the features that provide stability of the contents (the compression strap), the balance (sternum strap), and the comfort and weight distribution (padded waist belt and the shoulder straps) that are most important to me, as I carried this ALPS day pack.

These features offered a comfortable fit that allowed the pack to remain snug against the body, and the contents in place and never shifting. When hiking, hunting, and even hauling back a prize, these features are important. Balance and non-shifting gear equates to additional quietness and stability of the hunter during movement.

This pack allows for the quietness and balance a hunter needs to successfully hunt their prey and remain hydrated and alert. This is an excellent buy, and for only $79.99, you cannot resist trying out this day pack—you will love it and it may very well become your go-to hunting pack for certain outings.