As any good hunter knows, the perfect pack depends on intended usage, environment, stability, weight and balance-factors, the type of game being hunted, and personal preference.

Badlands is the, if not one of the absolute best, designer of superior hunting backpacks, from long expeditions, overnight camping, and day hunting.

Badlands Diablo Day Pack ($189.95)

The Diablo Day Pack by Badlands, is no exception to the rule of quality by Badlands products and gear. At a very reasonable price of $189.95, the Diablo has a high quality and durable KXO-32 camo fabric that makes Badlands offer a superior pack material than almost any other brand. It contains an innovative Hypervent Suspension Technology, which keeps the weight of your pack from falling on your shoulders and allowing breathability while on the hunt, rather than stifling heat upon your back. It also features vented shoulder straps, which I cannot stress enough, is a feature you think does not matter until you’re outdoors and realize how comfortable you are wearing the Diablo. It makes a huge difference to have the ventilation technology built in to this pack.

The Diablo also offers a glove box pocket as well, where you can store anything from hunting or winter gloves, thermal packs, hats, and other gear. As any proper day pack should, the Diablo fits a water reservoir size of 2 liters, but surpasses the standard by offering the capacity for 3 liters of water storage. Living in a warmer climate than most hunters, the ventilating straps and suspension technology and the feature of greater water storage is what makes this day pack superior to others personally.
Specification wise, this pack has a main volume of 1440 CI, total volume of 1900 CI, 5 pockets, is carry compatible with a bow, and has a total weight of only 3 pounds and 9 ounces. This pack will only weigh you down by the contents you pack, so there are no worries that this lightweight day pack is too heavy or bulky—quite the opposite, the Diablo is very light, stable, allows for superior ventilation, and compresses the contents to avoid shifting and unbalanced pack weight.

The rear compression straps offer easy options to add some gear onto the exterior or your pack, as well as compressing the contents to keep this day pack solid, stable, balanced, and allowing it to move with you quietly and reliably.

If you are hunting during warm weather, live in a warmer region, or are expecting the need of more water due to time factors, the Diablo is the perfect hunters’ day pack for you. The size is perfect for bow hunters to stalk into your tree and set up your stand and get comfortable for the day’s hunt. Personally, this is one of the excellent day packs available for hunters. Besides the water storage capabilities and ventilation, what I loved most about this pack was the suspension system. It really does keep all of the weight off of your back and has the perfect amount of room for everything you need. I was hardly aware that I had a pack on, which allowed me to focus on my surroundings without worrying about weight, balance, or shifting—Badlands erased all of these worries with the Diablo.