Okay—if you are a serious hunter and need a serious pack with the best of quality and has absolutely everything you need without weighing you down, shifting the weight of the contents, or being too small or too big, then the Sacrifice by Badlands is hands down, the best hunting backpack for you.

Sacrifice by Badlands ($269.95)

While the Sacrifice looks pricey at first glance, any hunter who has bought a backpack for the use of hunting, recovering, and transporting/hauling game meat after the hunt, knows what the perfect pack is. And that is the Sacrifice by Badlands.

This price tag is beyond reasonable when you first see and put on the Sacrifice and check out the incredible features and fit that this pack gives you. Made of Ultralight Ripstop, this pack is intended for serious hauling of meat after a successful hunt.

Weighing in at only 4 pounds, this pack is incredibly lightweight, so the only weight you will be adding are the contents you choose to pack. The dimensions are incredible, with a superior inner volume and outer size. At 28 inches by 16 inches by 13 inches, this pack is for obvious reasons, larger than the normal day pack, and it includes a Heat Hardened Steel Frame for stability and to supplement the Hypervent Suspension technology featured on the Sacrifice.

The Hypervent Suspension technology is my favorite thing about this pack, because it keeps all of the weight off your shoulders, which is important when walking, but is even more important when hauling meat back after the hunt. This pack made is possible to do all of this easily and with a lightweight stability that makes this pack effortless to wear and utilize.

The main volume of the Sacrifice is a roomy 2340 CI and the total volume capacity is an incredible 3450 CI; perfect for your hunting gear and prize. The Ultra Lightweight Fabric is also a lifesaver—while you are not climbing a mountain without climbing gear and staring death in the face, you will wish you were dead if your bag rips with double or triple digits worth of gear and worse, fresh meat, as you hike back to your truck a few miles away.

The Sacrifice averts any potential disaster like this with its Ripstop fabric. This fabric is one of my favorite parts of this pack, as it is lightweight and puts your mind at ease, knowing your haul will not suddenly rip at the worst moment possible.

Specification wise, the Sacrifice also features a water reservoir capacity of 3 liters, which is a life saver when settling down for the hunt and while huffing it back to the truck with your prize. This pack is bow and rifle compatible, which for me, makes it perfect for versatility in your hunting technique.

Also, with 8 pockets, the incredible volume capacity is put to great use, and all of your gear for before, during, and after the hunt are all able to fit perfectly inside the various pockets and main compartments of the Sacrifice.

Personally, this is one of the most versatile, largest capacity, lightweight, and best quality material I have come across in a hunting and hauling day pack. I don’t have to worry about the pack ripping as I hike or set it down, or while carrying Elk meat to the truck.

This is one of the best investments you can make as a hunter, and with the Steel Frame and Hypervent Suspension, you will absolutely be glad you are carrying a pack that is balanced, strong, and light, even on your back. The suspension system works so well to keep the weight off of your shoulders and back, which is extremely important to me, and other game hunters who plan on hauling some serious weight.