Finding the best hunting backpack is more than a matter of the right look, but a matter of added weight and finding a backpack that is going to be perfect for YOUR intended outdoor usages. There are many types of outdoor backpacks on the market—some intended for light hiking journeys, some intended for carrying camp supplies and bedding, some intended for deep woods or trails, and others intended for hunting.

Hunting Day Packs and Hunting Expedition Packs are an example of short term and long term packs intended for different lengths and purposes of hunting outings.

Keep reading, because if you are looking for the perfect day pack, then the Superday Hunting Pack is perfect for those of you looking for absolute quality for your hunting expeditions.

Superday by Badlands ($199.95)

At a reasonable price of $199.99, the Superday hunting pack by Badlands is the perfect outdoor day pack for any hunter looking for the best gear and ideal comfort while hunting. The Superday features a molded form suspension for the best fit and comfort for the wearer; a hip belt pistol holster; easy access to the waist belt pockets; and five external compression straps that makes it easy to strap down or attach additional support and gear.

The Superday was designed as a Hunting Pack for day trips rather than long term expeditions or camping. Personally, this is my favorite day pack on the market. It is excellent for hunting, day camping, and forays into the deep woods. Even though it is geared towards day travel, there are features that allow you to take on the wilderness should your trip end up longer than expected. This give me a sense of security as I make my way out for the day, knowing that I will not be stuck with minimal gear in an emergency. The pack offers a lot of room and plenty of storage for anything I wish to bring—all while not bogging down the pack or me.

Specification wise, this pack fits a water reservoir size of 2 liters; contains 6 pockets; has a total volume of 1950 CI; dimensions of 21” x 16” x 11”; and is carry compatible with bows, rifles, and pistols, as well as hunting/tactical/survival knives. It also comes in 4 different camouflage patterns fit for nearly any wooded or snowy environment.

What I love the most about the Superday is the comfort it provides and the supreme quality construction. First, out of the box, it was clear that quality of the material is top-notch quality. The buckles and zippers are so solid, yet so easy to use; the straps and the back comfort while wearing the Superday is unbelievable. This was a replacement for a nearly identical pack by Cabelas—and I was expecting the same quality and fit as my previous pack, but was I wrong.

The Superday far exceeds any pack out there for day trips and has everything you need and all of the room necessary for hunting gear. In my mind, there is absolutely no other competition in the hunting day pack category besides the Superday now.

This pack is made of a durable fabric called KXO-32, and until I felt it, saw it, and used it personally, I didn’t realize that the specs for this pack were not doing it justice—the quality is simply the absolute best. The fabric material, comfort, and the balanced weight of the pack allows you to hunt and hike quietly, which is extremely important for real hunting trips. You would not regret buying the Superday hunting backpack; it is worth the buy and I guarantee that whether this is your first hunting pack as a novice, or your fifth pack as an expert hunter—you will be completely satisfied and empowered by this pack.