Bison are known for being extremely tough animals to take down—if you are a hunter who has decided you want more of a challenge, there are few categories of large game better than bison. Native Americans mastered the art of hunting these animals before they had firearms to assist them. However, even with the use of firearms, it can be quite the challenge to take down bison.

Bison are easily excitable and tend to generate adrenaline quickly and take off. Even with a .50 caliber rifle, hunters in the past have had to shoot up to ten to fifteen times to bring down these large game animals. If you have the right gear, firearm, backpack, excellent marksmanship, and the willpower to hunt this challenging game, the final thing you need is the best hunting location you can acquire.

These are the top 3 best bison hunting locations in the U.S.



Wyoming is one of the most desirable states in the U.S. for excellent bison hunting. Two such hunting ranches that provide a challenging and satisfying hunt are the Diamond Tail Ranch in Southern Wyoming—this 12,000-acre ranch expands into Northern Colorado and are known for having a very large population of healthy bison. Whether you want to hunt on foot or on horseback, Diamond Tail is a unique ranch that offers rolling hills full of bison who graze on the open range.

These bison are self-sufficient and produce calves with strong traits. Hunting on this 12,000-acre expanse of land is a hunter’s dream—the natural conditions in which bison evolved from helps to promote a more natural hunting experience that is far more satisfying than other ranches that sell a more artificial hunt. You won’t regret trying out Diamond Tail as your next destination for a bison hunt to remember.

If you are a hunter who has their eye on the prize and prefers a more targeted big game hunt with less seeking and more targeting, the Rockin 7 Ranch has an ideal set-up of 2,500 acres. Any land over 1,000 acres provides an excellent amount of space for bison hunting; Rockin 7 Ranch is very popular for the hunters among you that know what you want and are eager to get it!

The 2,500-acre pasture with rolling hills offers a serene atmosphere as well as excellent vantage points to get a great 100 yard shot. This ranch has a herd size of approximately 50, which is smaller than other ranches and perfect for hunters who want enormous bulls to show off to their friends and family. Rockin 7 Ranch is in Shawnee, Wyoming and while offering excellent trophy hunts on the field, it also offers excellent accommodations at the first-rate lodges available.



There are many private ranches in Western and Eastern Montana within an hour or two of Missoula and Billings, respectively. With thousands of acres and a ton of ranches to hunt on, this is an excellent destination for bison hunters. Montana is well known as a top bison destination where hunters can nab themselves huge Buffalo bulls in a natural setting where bison have long-been roaming for centuries.

One such ranch is called the Flying D Ranch, whose vast 113,000 acre hunting ground provides the best and most challenging bison hunting that you would be hard pressed to find elsewhere. The Flying D Ranch is home to quality trophy buffalo bulls, young bulls, yearlings, and cows weighing anywhere from 450 to 2000 pounds.

You can schedule your hunt through an outfitter such as the Montana Hunting Company. Montana is an excellent choice for bison hunting due to the plethora of vast hunting grounds and large game such as the mighty bison.

North Dakota


It has been argued that North Dakota houses the most challenging bison hunting expeditions in the entire country. The legendary North American bison are majestic and enjoy a vast, native prairie that creates the best bison meat you can put on your table.

The Bison Ranch in Pingree, North Dakota is one such place where North American bison lives and grazes like it did 200 years ago. This has helped to promote the 100% natural herd in succeeding in their native environment by raising 100% grass fed game—this means the bison you hunt will have never been fed grains and have zero hormones and zero antibiotics. Thousands of acres and bison await you, including prime meat bison that range from 600 to 1000 pounds and 18 to 26 months in age. There is a plethora of bison of all ages depending on your preference and intentions after harvesting.

Not only will you have excellent lodging and multi-day hunting, but Bison Ranch offers hunters the option to hunt upland game, waterfowl, coyotes, and deer (if properly licensed) at no additional cost to your bison hunting package. If you want to spend a few days hunting various game and enjoying yourself with first-class lodging, North Dakota is a must-have on your list for your next seasons’ bison hunt.

What makes North Dakota so special is the strength and quality of their bison as well as the difficulty in taking one down and taking it home. You must show your skills as a hunter when facing bison on these lands. With excellent strategy, marksmanship, and stealth, you can prove your worth on the prairies of North Dakota at the Bison Ranch.

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