X-2 Hunting Pack by Eberlestock Review
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Eberlestock’s X-2 Hunting Pack is a real hunter’s pack that looks and acts the part. This compact, incredibly strong, and efficient pack is light and has a tubular-aluminum frame. Paired with its strong nylon and microfleece shell for strength and quietness, this pack is ready to go anywhere and quietly move with the one wearing it.


There are dual hydration compartments and large side pockets for any gear, such as flashlights, MRE’s, hunting or survival knives, and other gear. When it is said that the X-2 is strong, it is no hyperbole.

During a test during the design phase, a 100 pound sand bag was attached to an X-2 using the built-in compression straps and it held up well. This indicates that you can use it to pack deer or elk quarters with ease and effectiveness.


The X-2 is compatible with Eberlestock’s side scabbards, which are for shotguns and rifles, as well as its ARCG ButtBucket bow carrier. The waterproof fleece and 1,000 denier nylon material shell is light and supports the pack with reliability.

Included is a long padded waistbelt for quietness and comfort as you hunt, hike, and camp. The FlexChasis can flip forward for use as a seat and it can cradle loads you carry. Padlock webbing tie points are placed in key locations for easy attaching of accessories and lasing on the gears.


The special Shooter Harness makes firing a weapon and carrying heavy loads more comfortable and feasible. With a capacity of 1800 CI and a weight of 4.5 pounds, this Hunter’s Pack by Eberlestock is a must-have for any hunter—the price is worth the enhanced features the X-2 offers. This is overall, the best pack for hunters and other outdoorsmen.